10 October 2007

Book's Out

Apologies for taking a long summer holiday with the blog. Normal service shall resume now that term has started.

The book aorund which this blog rotates is now out, you can buy it from the publisher (Cambridge University Press) and also Amazon (cheaper from Amazon). I am sure there is more intra-brand competition from retailers, if anyone knows where the book can be obtained more cheaply, do write a comment here and tell others - market imperfections can always be cured by savvy consumers.

Each post is usually earmarked with the relevant chapter of the book, I hope that helps. From time to time I will note specific pages which a posting updates too.

As always, comments on how I might improve this blog are welcome.

1 comment:

Juan David Gutiérrez Rodríguez said...

Hi professor Monti, good luck with your book and I guess many of us, competition-lovers, will check out your blog. I also invite you to check out my own contribution to competition law (in spanish) at www.derechodelacompetencia.blospot.com

I guess that if you arrange the links you post in your blog by topics it would improve it. Best, JDG